A Brief Information About Düzce


Duzce is in the middle of two major cities of Turkey, which are namely İstanbul and Ankara. Düzce situates between İstanbul and Ankara highway. İstanbul is 200 km, Ankara is 230 km far from Düzce which corresponds to the need of metropol and nature. Düzce’s climate beside the summers passing hot,winters passing cold, it shows an interchanging climate between West Black Sea Climate and Middle Anatolian Climate



Düzce with its nature and opportunities offer many social, cultural and outdoor sporting activities. Rafting, trekking, sailing, fishing are mostly preferred sporting activities in Düzce and Districts.



Inside Turkey, Düzce came to be called as “The United Nations of Turkey"since its inhabitants have very diverse ethnic backgrounds



Konuralp neighborhood, North side of Duzce, is known as the “Ephesus of the Western Black Sea,”. It revealed an ancient stonemasonry theater, which dates back to the third century B.C., but there is more underground to be discovered, including the rest of the theater, aqueducts and a Roman bridge. Excavation in the area is still going on by the consultancy of Duzce University. The region has the marks of Phyrigian, Lydian, Persian, Roman, Byzantian,Seljukian and Ottoman Civilizations.



Düzce University is one of the pioneers of the newly founded state universities after 2006 in Turkey. D.U acts as a family with  nearly 32.000 students and 2.500 academic and administration staffs in-holding 14 faculties, 4 institutions, 13 research centers, one professionally equipped Hospital, one technology transfer center and a techno-park itself. D.U fulfills the research and academic needs of Düzce and the region. With “Generating Value” motto, D.U is proactive in foregrounding peaceful, happy and free atmosphere in the campus with enthusiastic staff and students. Academic researches and projects are sponsored and supported by the Top Administration Office of the University. 

As a part of European University Association, Düzce University behaves according to moral values  and cultural elements with its  staffs and students. Entrepreneurship as a means of generating value  is embedded to all cycles and branches of the university. Students, Academics and Administration Staff work harmoniously in fostering and grounding this motto. D.U is an important actor in international academia. Participating international fairs, organizations, seminars, conferences are welcomed by the top administration of the university. Düzce University along with voicing its sound and quality in international level, also welcomes and hosts international conferences, seminars, teaching seminars and workshops with its enthusiastic academics, administration staffs and students  within the campus, in the city and  in the region.



The economy of Düzce was consist of agriculture activities predominantly in pre-rebublic time.Because of Duzce’s fruitfull and flat ground led to  development in the production of tobacco,corn,wheat and sugar beet.The importance of production of agricultural products went on to be felt between 1920’s and 1950’s.

Starting from 1956,transition to industry started by processing forestry products besides agricultural products. Industrialization thrust in small scale began in rural area and spreaded to the city center with more modern workshops.

Especially after 1960’s, acceleration of industrialization thrust increased the employment rate and created a booming in trade life.This booming made compulsory to be founded  a chamber of commerce and industry in April 1959.

At that time there were 12 factories in wood-veneer,64 factories in parquet manufacturing  and 138 timber factories in forestry industry which was an impetus of a foundation of the chamber.

Development of the industry in Düzce was not limited by only forestry industry.Different types of manufacturing were developped too. Shotgun industry in the level of European standarts developed rapidly. Today one of the top shotgun manufacturer is still continues to manufacture in shotguns and competition guns as well as guns for military law and enforcement.

When Duzce was going on to be an industrial city announced as a pilot region.75 companies had obtained investment incentive certificates and 40 manufacturing plants were founded. The investment issues were such as automotive subsidiary industry,agriculturel machinery,construction material,pesticides and the others.

Meanwhile businessmen from Düzce constructed production plants for processing agricultural products such as nut,nut crushing,floor and other integrated plants.

Just after the publication of incentive law numbered 5084 in February 2004,Düzce became very attractive place for investments because of its advantageous geographical location and faced an intense interest of investors. Investments were affected the foreign trade positively and the total exportation figure reached up to 321 million Dollars at the end of 2020 when it was just 42 million Dollars in 2005.

The figure of exportation which is 188 million Dollars mentioned above, belongs to the companies their head offices were in Düzce.In case of taking into the consideration the branch companies manufactures in Düzce, the figure of Düzce total exportation reaches more than 1.850 Billion Dollars.

Today,the most exported items  are Automotive Supply Industry Products ,Textile Industry Products  Forestry Products, Parquet, Timber & Wood Veneer Industry Products Pistols, military weapons and hunting shotguns, Steel and GRP Pipes and Hazelnut.



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