Corporate Message From the President of the Chamber

Message From the President of the Chamber

Message From the President of the Chamber

When we took over the management of the Chamber in April 2018, one of our first goals was to become a “Class A Accredited Chamber”. We achieved this goal in the certificate renewal audit that we passed in November 2019, and we succeeded in being the first Chamber to be upgraded directly from “Class C” to “Class A”. The biggest factor in achieving this success has been to adopt the principle of governance as a principle, by being a team all together with our board of directors and assembly members. This synergy and team spirit had become into a driving force in the institutionalization of our Chamber.

I would like to express that we also created the mentioned synergy as locally. As all institutions, especially Düzce Governorship, Düzce Municipality and Düzce University, we undertake works that support the economic and social development of Düzce. We are making efforts to bring investments with high added value which will develop employment and sub-industry. We are on our way to become an exemplary province, especially in terms of University-Industry cooperation.

We follow our Strategic Plan for the years 2018-2021, which we prepared after takeover of the chamber management through annual work plans. We evaluate the realizations of the annual work plans periodically during the year. We have revised the personnel performance evaluation system. We are trying to update our quality system according to the conditions of the day. In September 2020, we became the first institution to receive the COVID-19 Safe Service Certificate in Düzce.

Individual and professional trainings and seminars for our members continue rapidly as before. Although we had to carry these events to the virtual environment during the pandemic period, we reached a very good number of attendees.

It is obvious that the pandemic has caused a higher digitalization level in a very short time than we expected after many years. We consider as a duty to contribute to the adaptation of our Chamber members to the digitalization process. We carried out a project called "Digital Transformation in Manufacturing" within the scope of the "East Marmara Development Agency Financial Support Program" on this subject and we created a "Digital Transformation Scorecard and Roadmap" report for 60 member companies. We plan to contribute to the sustainable digitalization of our member companies with our “Digital Transformation Office” which we established within the scope of this Project.

During the pandemic process, we provided solutions for many problems under the leadership of our TOBB President M.Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu. We tried to provide low-cost credit supports to our members by tax deferrals and reductions, restructing of public debts. We combined our resources with the resources of banks to create funds for our members.

As the chamber management, we attach great importance to foreign trade and try to provide many supports, especially trainings,seminars and webinars for our members to ramp up  their exportings. In 2020, an official export of 321 million dollars was realized from Düzce to 140 countries. Considering the exports of companies with branch status, whose legal headquarters are outside of Düzce, but they manufacture in Düzce, the export figure reaches 1 billion 650 million dollars.

The goal of Our Chamber is to provide added value to the economy of our city with the number of our members over 5 thousand, our member companies having a say in the country's exports and our close cooperation with public institutions. In line with this goal, we continue to work with determination and determination with our 31 Assembly Members and 25 personnel.